How to Sell your Singapore Real Estate?

Why will People Buy your Estate?

Since Singapore government now releases a very less amount of commercial land every year, therefore the demands of Singapore Property are getting high day by day. Now it is not easy to sell the property and it needs a number of methods to follow.

Step by Step Process of Selling the Estate:

Find an Agent first: For selling your real estate first choose the right kind of realtor who will help you out in the selling procedure. You have to check out his experience, success rate, reliability, license and be sure that the person on whom you are depending does not exploit you.

Chalk out a marketing strategy- Check the market value of the kind of Singapore property that you are going to sell so that you have an idea about how much to expect. Not knowing the value may lead to you getting manipulated.

Prepare your real estate so that people are impressed and are eager to buy your property: This can be done if care is taken in making both the exterior and interior of the home looks well decorated and impressive. Be sure to repair anything that is broken or gone amiss because people tend to buy perfect places more than imperfect ones.

Clean up the place and its surrounding- It is important as nobody wants to have a home with dirty surroundings.

Accept the right offer- Compare two to three clients before jumping into conclusions. This ensures that you are going for the perfect offer that suits you.

Investing in Singapore Real Estate

Buying property in Singapore has never been easier or more profitable! Singapore is the hot new destination for buying property, due in no small part to the stable real estate market.

How to Purchase Real Estate in Singapore

It is advisable to obtain a property agent first to guide you through the process of choosing the right one. Your agent will be your representative in the real estate market. It is therefore important to tell your agent precisely what you are looking for in your property. Once you have decided following the viewings of your chosen few properties, it is advisable to obtain a solicitor to guide you through the legal and financial side of buying Sg property. As property is a long-term investment, it is recommended to negotiate the price to make the most of it. Before the sale is finalized, you may visit the property once again to ensure that everything is in place if you have signed the Option to Purchase.

Advantages of Buying Property in Singapore

Minimal taxes make Sg property a lucrative investment. There is no capital gains tax, as in other places, and there is no stamp duty up to a certain value.

There are no restrictions for foreigners to purchase property in Singapore. Also, loan options are very lenient. Foreigners can secure up to 80% of the cost as a loan with a repayment period of up to 30 years, and interest rates are low.

Once bought, commercial property can be rented out to boost one’s income.

So go ahead and make an investment that will aid you for years to come.

Singapore Property Guides

Condo singapore

Condo singapore

The Property Market Scenario

A current hot spot now for property dealings, Singapore today boasts of a thronging line of investors and potential buyers, both local and foreign, who have set the country’s economy really high. As a result the property and real estate stocks in the country have all gone up to a record digit. According to the latest property analysis, the residential sector, as always, dominates the commercial and hotel industries and the reasons are probably manifold. Starting from the beautiful sub tropical climate to the good government, the fantastic literacy rate to the luxurious housing complexes and apartments like the Condo Singapore, literally everything contribute to make Singapore an alluring investment and purchase option for all the property hunters across the globe.

A Thorough Guidance

Property purchase or investment, be it personal or commercial, depend upon a number of factors like the location, the budget and of course, your basic needs. While choosing a location can get difficult without the help of proper agents, the budget primarily depends upon the buyer’s requirements and desires. Again, depending on personal use or just business investment, location plays an important role as those near the city heartland naturally have a higher value than those in the suburbs that are more suited for personal stay. A more exotic location can found along the East Coast with a sea view, which can be purchased either as a family holiday Condo Singapore or as an investment plan. The budget is hardly a worry if a proper loan assistance can be availed where in almost 80% of the total valuation can be loaned as the rest 20% remains to be paid in cash or through CPF.